Manufacturers: Mangrove Charcoal Lump B1

Manufacturers: Mangrove Charcoal Lump B1

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Siam Chatchawan Carbon, is the leading company specializing in manufacturing and exporting high qualitymangrove charcoal manufacturers

Our products have been exporting to Korea, Japan, USA, Portugal, Australia, Slovakia, UAE and our customers totally satisfy with
our sevices and quality.

Mangrove Charcoal Lump B1  size 7 inc up  is a High Energy, Mangrove charcoal is one of the hardwood charcoals and also one of the heaviest charcoals. In other words, its structure is very dense and also hard. This charcoal is used for BBQ in restaurants, outdoor picnic charcoal packs, and some industrial fields like non-ferrous metal production. One advantage of this charcoal is that it gives a special aroma to BBQ when burning.

Mangrove Charcoal Lump B1

Mangrove Charcoal Lump B1

ถ่านโกงกางB1 ถ่านโกงกางB1-1



Mangrove Charcoal Lump B1

long time burn , high heat value , non spark ,non smoke , non chemical , low ash ,no dust
As we are aware that Mangrove charcoal is number one of natural charcoal. We produced mangroves charcoal lump
from 100% mangroves charcoal without mixing with other wood . We strong believed in premium quality of our mangroves charcoal lump that it most valuable in susceptibility BBQ with following properties: -

1.100% organic charcoal without any chemical substance.
2. None of smoke and none spark that can use both indoor and outdoor.
3. Easy to burn starting.
4. Long burned period 2 hours minimum.

Manufacturers : Mangrove Charcoal Lump B5

***Good for Ideal for deodorising and for the chemical industry, water purification, converting to activated carbon and burning. Mangrove Wood charcoal

Manufacturers : Mangrove Charcoal Lump B1

Mangrove charcoal lump is our production that can offer you the best prices and best quality to meet with your requirement absolutely. We got our own customs certificate that prompt to export. We strong believed that our prices is the best for this kind of charcoal.

Should you interested in our products please do not hesitate to contact us to get more information and the good price.


packing ; 15kg/PP bag
Material Mangrove Wood
Carbon content 80-95%
Moisture 4% – 6%
Ash 4% – 7%
Burning time(H) 2 hours
Calories Value : 7.000 – 7.600 Kcal/kg
Minimum Order 25 tons
Packing 20-30kg/bag

Payment term T/T, L/C, Western Union
Trade term FOB Bangkok Port
Delivery time After20 days after deposit received
Samples Free samples is available for you
Speciality no smoke, no spark and no smell low ash, easy to ignite

Our Space Mangrove charcoal
Shape: Stick
Mangrove Charcoal A1 9 – 12inc FOB 550-580 per Ton.
Mangrove Charcoal A2 Below 8 inc FOB 517-530 per Ton.

Shape: Lump
Mangrove Charcoal B1 10-12 inc FOB 468-550 per Ton.
Mangrove Charcoal B2 size 8-10 inc FOB 452-498 per Ton.
Mangrove Charcoal B3 size 4-6 inc FOB 435-475 per Ton.
Mangrove Charcoal B4 size 2-4 inc FOB 419-449 per Ton.
Mangrove Charcoal B5 size 1-2 inc FOB 370-415 per Ton.


We support OEM branding .

Should you interested in our products please do not hesitate to contact us to get more information and the good price.

Ms.Phetcharawalai Limei Vongkruepetch

Overseas Marketing Manager, 鄧麗梅     Chinese and English support
Siam Chatchawan Carbon Limited Partnership

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Ms.Pimnisa Sriprasert
Sales and Marketing
Skype: thong.pimnisa
Line ID: thongutcc

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